Hello! My name is Nikita (Anatolievich) Dudnik.

Have you got stuck or need help figuring out where to start? I'm your remover of obstacles.

Consultations are donation based. Pay as much as you want starting from zero.

Do you need a prototype? Let's discuss the price.

Something more polished? Maybe. Let's talk.

As a software engineer with two decades of experience, I've mastered multimedia web technologies, theory of computation, and human-computer interaction.

I worked at Spotify, Klarna, Volvo, Soundtrap, Wargaming, Kasta.

As a human being, I've immersed myself in psychology, anthropology, religion, entheogens, and spiritual practices. I have embraced my passions as a musician and an artist specializing in interactive and generative art.

I aim to craft digital experiences that merge technological innovation with a spectrum of human insights and artistic expression. In collaboration with you, whether you're in formal attire or your most comfortable pajamas, the focus is on the ideas and the creativity they spark, not the dress code.

My goal is humanity's growth and prosperity. I am dedicated to guiding projects at the intersection of technology, art, and spirituality, transforming visionary ideas into tangible realities.